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As social media technology advances, consumers rely less on brand-curated ad campaigns. Rather, people are now preferring content that is created by other people whom they can relate to and trust. UGC (User-generated content) allows an increase in customer trust and reliability, furthering advances within brand awareness and user engagement.

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Health & Wellness

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Neizha is an innovative Creative who is passionate about visual design and communicating aesthetic content within the realms of lifestyle wellness, fashion, beauty, and renewable structures. Her intention is set to advocate for products that improve the lives of others, while coinciding with her artistic passion to communicate thoughtfully, ethically, and boldly.

Neizha understands how to utilize ongoing trends and various aesthetics for optimal reach of various consumers. Enthusiastic about constructive criticism, she loves allowing her curiosity to explore and expand her knowledge within content creation and networking.

For more information on her background, take a look through her website and portfolio here.

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Featured Products: ELF Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, Real Techniques

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Representing Women + Fitness,

I partnered with MATE the Label to showcase what fitness means to me, as well as how it affects my lifestyle and those around me. I spoke on their Instagram story about how fitness affects all aspects of my life and helps me better myself physically, emotionally, spiritually - actively. I was featured on their story discussing how I, as a woman of color, have continuously pushed myself and strived for my next goal, for every goal. In addition to them using my video and photo content, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet the other two changemakers of the MATE community and learn about their passions and impacts regarding sustainability and social justice.

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Garden (say it like dat!)

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